Tips for Dry Hair

Feel free to shampoo dry hair as often as necessary. Use a gentle conditioning product. If it is protein-rich, it should be gentle and nourishing for your hair. A variety of these products is available in most stores.

Condition your hair after every shampoo. Use a product with ingredients to strengthen dry, fragile hair. If it has protein and conditioners, it should leave your hair with a youthfully glossy shine.

If your hair and skin are extremely dry, buy a humidifier for your bedroom and always use it in cold weather. It will protect your hair and skin from the drying effects of indoor heat. The reason most British women have beautiful hair and youthful skin is that the mists and fogs of the British Isles provide the natural moisture they need to avoid dryness.

Twice a week rub olive or castor oil into your scalp at bedtime. Wear a plastic cap to avoid getting oil on your pillowcase while you sleep. Shampoo it out the next morning.

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