Ulcers In Your Foot Is Very Bad

Foot ulcers arise from a breakdown of the skin surface due to slow necrosis. The most common are the result of:: continuous trauma; loss of fatty tissue; diabetes and vascular insufficiency which results in diminished nutrition of the skin. An ulcer may exude either tissue fluid, which will be clear or pus, which indicates a secondary infection.

Self-treatment is not recommended for this serious condition, consultation with a State Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist or your family doctor is recommended, they will evaluate the particular form of ulcer and choose the appropriate treatment plan.

Some of the things that the Podiatrist or your G.P. will do are:

Check the pulses and test for neuropathy (lack of sensation to; touch; pain; hot and cold) if the pulses are diminished then a Doppler ultra-sound can be used to determine the extent of the circulation. If there is a decrease in circulation then referral to a vascular surgeon is indicated.

The vascular surgeon will carry out various tests to determine the level of the blockage of the artery, if the artery is blocked in a specific point, then various surgical procedures can be employed. Balloon Angioplasty, laser Angioplasty and stents are employed to open up the blood flow to the foot.

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