Home remedies For Your Dry Hair

When you look at your hair in the mirror, do you see brittle hair with split ends and a lackluster appearance? You may be suffering from dry hair. Dry hair can be a challenge to work with since it can be fragile and prone to breakage. You need a home remedy for dry hair to get your hair back into it’s moist, undamanged states. Here are some simple things you can do at home to help give your dry hair a moisture boost:

1. Don’t wash your hair every day.

If you wash your hair every day, you’ll deplete the natural oils in your hair, resulting in hair becoming dull, dry, and flyaway. Shampoo every other day maximum.

2. Blow dry your hair as little as possible

The heat from a blow dryer can aggravate the dryness and contribute to formation of split ends. Heat causes expansion of the hair shaft followed by contraction with cooling. This places excessive stress on the hair, resulting in breakage. Let you hair dry naturally and save the blow dryer for days you’re in a real pinch for time and, then, only use it on a low setting.

3. Don’t comb or brush your hair when it’s wet.

Hair is quite fragile when it’s wet. Combing and brushing while the hair is damp can cause breakage. Let your hair dry naturally before tugging on it with a comb or brush.

4. Use a mild shampoo without alot of added ingredients.

Choose an acidic shampoo with a pH in the range of 4.5 to 6.5. You want to avoid shampoos that are alkaline (with a pH above 6.5) since these can promote dryness. The unfortunate fact is shampoos often contain harsh detergents which can completely rob your hair of its natural oils. Many of the so called “additives” such as natural botanicals that sound like they would help dry hair actually have the opposite effect. The best approach is to choose the shampoo with the mildest detergent you can find with added humectants like panthenol which can help to hold water onto the hair shaft to reduce dryness. Don’t count on protein additives to restore or rebuild your hair. Hair is dead and can’t be rebuilt.

5. Follow up your shampoo with a conditioner.

Again, don’t count on a conditioner to rebuild or restore your hair since the hair shaft is dead. Conditioners will coat the hair shaft, thereby giving the hair a moist appearance and making it easier to style.

6. Keep your hair covered when you’re out in the elements.

The elements, particularly the sun, can wreck havoc on dry hair. Wear a large brimmed hat or scarf to keep direct sunlight off of your hair, not to mention your face. Don’t count on “sun protectants” added to your shampoo. These are usually washed down the drain when you rinse your hair.

7. When you swim, wear a bathing cap.

The chlorine in pools as well as the sun exposure can create bit problems for dry hair. Make sure your hair is well protected.

8. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet.

Two dietary deficiencies that can cause hair breakage and dryness are a diet too low in protein and one too low in fat. Keep a journal of what you eat for a week and use an online nutrition calculator to make sure you’re getting adequate quantities of both of these important elements.

9. Do a twice weekly scalp massage.

A gentle scalp massage can help to stimulate oil production by the oil glands in the scalp. Just be gentle! You don’t want to contribute to hair breakage.

10. Use a hot oil treatment once a week.

One home remedy for dry hair is a natural hot oil pack. Try heating a bowl of olive oil in the microwave until it’s warm. Let it set for a few minutes and then apply to hair from ends to just below the top of the scalp. Wrap your hair in a warm towle. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and rinse. Shampoo with a mild shampoo. Many people with dry hair swear by these treatments.

11. Avoid using hair dyes and bleach.

Bleach is a particular problem for dry hair. One bleach job may be all your dry hair needs to experience extensive breakage. Use a natural substance like henna to add some highlights to your hair.

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