Common Remedies to prevent Hair Loss

When I started losing my hair I was almost in a panic. For years, I tried just about every treatment for hair loss out there… Rogaine, Propecia, hair supplements, special shampoos, herbs and home remedies for hair loss but NONE of it worked for me.

Finally, I started researching and trying out every alternative treatment for hair loss I could get my hands on. These were techniques and natural approaches to hair loss that I ferreted out from every corner of the world. I studied everything I could find on hair regrowth, how to stimulate hair follicles, how to remove DHT, how to increase blood flow to the scalp. I studies the thyroid factor, the yeast factor, the stress factor, and every other known factor that can contribute to hair loss, no matter how obscure. And finally, all that studying started to pay off.

Premature hair loss or thinning can also be due to a wide variety of other causes. Most women lose quite a bit of hair in the two to three months after they deliver a baby, and this can continue for up to six months. One and a half to three months after severe stress, operation, infection, or high fever, a person may also lose a lot of hair. Likewise, two to three months after crash dieting with insufficient protein intake, hair may come out in handfuls.

As with male pattern baldness, hormonal changes and genetic predisposition are to blame. Although they do not usually lose as much hair as men do, women are also constantly searching for a cure for this distressing problem. All in all, more than two-thirds of all men and women have some type of hair loss or thinning during their lifetime.

Many prescription drugs can cause reversible hair loss. Cancer patients treated with certain chemotherapeutic drugs may lose up to 90 percent of their scalp hair, but it eventually returns after their treatment is finished. Birth control pills that contain high levels of progestin also can cause hair loss.

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