How to Care for Rough, Dry Feet

1. Rough, dry feet is ONLY due to carelessness and negligence. It is also very easy to transform into healthy feet. Within a matter of two weeks, you can have healthy feet if you promise to care for it everyday.

2. Use can try moisturizing your feet with natural concoctions such as: Banana and honey mixture, cold milk, mayonnaise, etc.

3 . The same effect can be brought about by purchasing the perfect moisturizer.There is no drawback to picking an artificial moisturizer to a natural moisturizer when it comes to feet. Invest your money on Body Shop body butter products, Milk & Toner moisturizer by Nivea, Jergens Musk moisturizer, or plain old baby oil or best results.

4 . Do not scrub feet more than required. Clean feet regularly but don’t treat it to harsh chemicals and bases.

Tips : Try to follow the steps everyday to have results within 5 days.

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