Skin Care Beauty Tips with Strawberries

  • Under-eye puffiness. Worry no more, when you wake up after a restless nice with those dark circles glaring back at you! Strawberries have astringent properties that help diminish puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Just like you do with cucumbers, select big strawberries and cut them into big slices which you should apply to your eyes while lying down. Relax for 15 minutes before removing the slices and enjoy the amazing results.
  • Facial Cleanser. Strawberries are an excellent natural exfoliant, which is essential in removing dead cells that make up the upper surface of our skin. Strawberries contain salicylic acid that helps clear away dead cells, as well as inhibit the growth of those notorious blackheads.
  • Rough ‘n’ Tough Foot scrub. Strawberries can be used to make a simple but very effective foot scrub at home. They will not only give your feet a soft feel but also prevent roughness and cracks which appear at the heel.
  • Sweet Strawberry face mask. Strawberries contain a high concentrates of a chemical known as alpha-hydroxyl acid which is very effective in helping slough off dead cells on the outer surface of the skin and eliminating excess oils. Making a purely strawberry facemask can do many wonders in repairing skin as well as nourishing it.
  • Strawbellicious Lips! Plump, juicy, clean and kissable lips? Oh yeah, Strawberry! Make a quick lip scrub at home by mashing 2 ripe strawberries with 2 teaspoons of sugar. Rub this on your lips for a minute and rinse off. The sugar will exfoliate and soften your lips while the fruit acids in the strawberry will help liven up and plump your lips.
  • Whiten your teeth. While your at it, why not give some attention to your teeth, as they form a great part of your facial beauty. Treat your whole face to some strawberry goodness, including your teeth as a bonus! For some powerful teeth whitening treatment, simply rub half a strawberry back and forth your teeth and hold that smile – let all the goodness sink in for a minute. Rinse off and enjoy your shiny white teeth!
  • Luxurious Skin Scrub. Make a skin scrub fit for royalty by mixing 1/2 a cup of sugar, 4 -5 ripe strawberries and 3 teaspoons of olive oil. Generously massage your skin with this scrub before you take a bath. Your skin will look fresh, soft and hydrated like never before!

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