How to Control Mosquitoes

1.Get rid of potential mosquito breeding sites such as hollow stem plants (like bromeliads), old tires, bird baths and other vessels that could hold standing water. Mosquitoes lay their eggs either on or next to standing water or on damp soil that will be flooded after rain. Once the eggs have hatched they go from larvae to pupa to adult mosquito in anywhere from 4 days to one month depending on the species and the conditions. You may notice an influx of mosquitoes soon after rain when water levels rise.
2.Clean out roof guttering regularly.
3.Keep grass mown and shrubs trimmed where possible.
4.Wear tightly woven long sleeve tops and long pants.
5.Apply an insect repellent containing an active ingredient.
6.Invest in a good quality mosquito trap.
7.Have your yard sprayed with a suitable pesticide.
8.Use net screens to provide mosquito free areas.
9.Use Citronella around your yard. Citronella is an organic insect repellent that is available in various forms eg. candles, oil etc…

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