Tips on Eyebrow Growth

Thin eyebrows may be attributed to years of over-plucking, genetics or health issues. As fuller brows are typically more flattering than thin ones, you may find yourself using powders and pencils to fill yours in more often than you’d like.

Whether you’re dealing with sparse arches or just a single bald patch, you can regrow your brows, returning them to an untouched state.


Step 1

Soak the end of a cotton swab in castor oil and apply it to your brows at night. Focus on any sparse areas. Castor oil is an antibacterial and helps to eliminate any impurities that prevent hair growth. It is also high in omega 9 fatty acids, which nourish the follicle.

Step 2

Stop tweezing and waxing your brows for 3 to 4 months. This gives smaller hairs the opportunity to grow back.

Step 3

Dip a soft, clean toothbrush in a mild exfoliating scrub and massage it over your brows, using a circular motion. Rinse with warm water. Focus on any missing patches to remove dead skin and bring hair to the surface.

Step 4

Use a brow razor to shave sections of the brow where you would like growth to occur. Hold skin taut with one hand and move the razor in the direction of hair growth over dry skin to stimulate the follicle.

Step 5

Visit an eyebrow threader after 3 to 4 months. An eyebrow threader uses a thin piece of thread to pull individual hairs from deep within your skin. Threading shapes your brows precisely without pulling out excess hair. This allows any sparse patches to continue growing. Wax has a tendency to grasp onto hairs that should be kept, leading to more bald patches and a thinner shape. Have your brows threaded every 6 weeks after your first visit.

Step 6

Use a sharp set of tweezers with an angled tip for touch-ups. Only tweeze hairs that are high up on your forehead, between your brows or close to your lid to give your brows a chance to grow.


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