What are the Health Benefits of Pomegranate?


Following are the health benefits of consuming pomegranate on regular basis.

  • People suffering from heart diseases get benefited in the long run if they have a regular intake of pomegranate.
  • It has natural sugar and is safe for diabetics.
  • Eating pomegranate can keep your skin younger looking and keep it free from wrinkles for longer time.
  • Pomegranate fruit diet helps increase metabolism and aids in weight loss even.
  • Pomegranates are rich source of zinc,VitaminC and A. These along with the antioxidants present help you fight with natural cold and feel better.
  • Pomegranate helps boost fertility in women and helps them conceive faster. They not only get pregnant in natural way but also give birth to healthy babies.
  • It reduces the risk of premature child birth. There is no chance of having low birth weight baby if the mother takes pomegranate on regular basis during pregnancy.
  • Pomegranate increases sex drive and acts as fertility boosters for men too.
  • Pomegranate is a powerful natural ingredient for youth and beauty products. It helps strengthen hair, protects your skin, revitalises your facial skin, enhances emotional and spiritual health and makes you feel younger.
  • Organic pomegranate juice or the fruit helps increase oxygen level to the heart.

Healing Properties of Pomegranate

Let us have a look at the healing properties of pomegranate.

  • Pomegranate reduces formation of unnecessary blood clots and avoids clustering of blood platelets.
  • It helps reduce blood pressure levels and enhances oral health as well.
  • It has been found in recent researches that pomegranate compounds help in eliminating prostate cancer and hence reduces its growth.
  • Pomegranate juice diminishes the chances of breast cancer.
  • This fruit prevents heart strokes and attacks.
  • It helps fight cell damage.
  • Organic pomegranate helps combat erectile dysfunction in males.
  • It helps prevent anemia, hair loss, weakness, exhaustion and dizziness as it supports healthy blood flow.
  • It helps during menopause, bone loss and hot flashes.
  • Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants. Daily intake of pomegranate puts off bad cholesterol from getting oxidised and hence helps the person stay away from atherosclerosis.

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