Tips and precautions for treating diarrhea

1. Never drink apple juice

The reason one is not supposed to drink this juice is because it acts as a natural laxative. This simply means “constipation remedy”. Instead of taking apple juice, it is advisable to use apple sauce. You should never replace apples with apple sauce. You should also stick to decaffeinated tea. This is because substituting them for herbal teas might prolong diarrhea. Additives like sugar, honey, and milk are also a must avoid with diarrhea. They tend to prolong diarrhea and thus the need to avoid them in your tea.

2. Choose cultured yogurt

Always read your yogurt pack to try and see if it is cultured. As mentioned earlier, this yogurt has cultures that tend to balance bacteria. Added sugars are also to be checked. They should be minimal. They are known to have effects on a person when they have diarrhea. If you can stand the sour taste in plain yogurt, you would rather take it plain than prolong your sickness.

3. Keep it plain

Try and serve your meals plain. This safeguards you from negative effects. As mentioned above, fats are bratty and might cause more harm if taken when one is sick with diarrhea.

4. Avoid common sports drinks

Sports drinks are known to increase diarrhea as a result of their high sugar content. Replace the lost fluid in your body by taking plenty of water. Drink about 6-8 glasses of water per day. Fiber is also a great alternative for solidifying the loose bowel movement.

5. Avoid certain foods

Certain foods are known to increase diarrhea while others help calm it. Spicy, fatty and greasy foods, as well as dairy products are examples of foods to avoid when experiencing diarrhea. The only dairy product you can use is cultured yogurt. Another reason for avoiding these foods is that they cause vomiting when one has diarrhea. In case you start vomiting after taking solid food, it would be better to stop taking such food and look for alternatives.

6. Know when to see a doctor

You need to see a doctor because some diseases are more parasitic and bacterial and thus need medical attention. If you experience diarrhea for a day accompanied by fever, this then you should see a doctor immediately as it could be a sign of a serious condition.

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