Foods for Healthy Liver

1. Leafy Vegetables

Leafy greens are high in chlorophylls that remove toxins from the blood stream while neutralizing pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals in the body to help protect the liver. Items such as mustard greens, dandelion greens, bitter gourd, arugula or chicory can be consumed juiced, raw or cooked to get these benefits. Cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolate that can improve the liver’s enzyme production to flush away carcinogens. Cabbage can help to stimulate detoxifying enzymes in the liver to increase overall function.

2. Grapefruit

The antioxidant and vitamin C content of grapefruit is helpful in enabling the liver’s natural cleansing processes. Consuming fresh squeezed grapefruit juice can also help to stimulate the liver’s enzymes that are useful in removing toxins such as carcinogens from the body.

3. Lemon and Lime

Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C that helps the body to synthesize toxic materials that enter the body through drinking water. Consuming lime or lemon juice first thing in the morning is also said to improve liver function.

4. Avocado

This fruit is high in glutathione that helps to cleanse toxins from the liver to prevent damage.

5. Green Tea

Green tea is hailed for its catechin antioxidants that improve the function of the liver while improving dietary function.

6. Olive Oil

Oils that are cold pressed can be consumed in moderation to provide a lipid base for absorbing harmful chemicals so the liver does not suffer from overload. Hemp, olive and flaxseed oils can be used for this purpose.

7. Whole Grains

Whole grains are high in B-complex vitamins that can help the body metabolize fat more efficiently. This will in turn improve liver decongestion and function.

8. Beats and Carrots

These vegetables are high in beta-carotene and flavonoids that can stimulate the function of the liver.

9. Walnuts

These nuts contain arginine acid that can help to detoxify ammonia as well as high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione which can improve the liver’s natural cleansing function. Nuts should be chewed until they are liquefied to take advantage of these benefits.

10. Apple

Apples contain pectin that helps to cleanse toxins that build up in the digestive tract so that the liver is not forced to manage an excessively high toxic load.

11. Spices

Garlic contains enzymes that the body uses to flush away toxins. It is also high in selenium and allicin that can be used to cleanse the liver. Turmeric improves the function of liver enzymes so it is easier to remove dietary carcinogens from the body.

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