7 ways to add mint or pudina to your diet


Mint garnish

Just before you serve your meals, you can garnish it with a few mint leaves on top. This is the best way to eat it raw. Don’t forget to wash it well and clean it before you eat it, so that there is no dirt on it. Store them in your refrigerator so that they stay fresh.

Mint chutney

Give mayonnaise a miss and opt for mint chutney instead. It goes well with Indian snacks and can be used for sandwiches as well. Using other spices and condiments increases its nutrient quotient which makes it healthier.

Mint tea

If you are a tea person, you can try making its mint version at home. This tea is especially good for pregnant women as it eases nausea and vomiting. Just a cuppa will help you relax and elevate your mood.

Mint salad

Pudina makes a great salad accompaniment due to the unique and fresh flavour it lends to it. In this recipe, there are other ingredients such as cucumber and pomegranate in it that further enhance the taste of the dish.

Mint mojoto

If you are looking for something refreshing, you can make a mojito using pudina leaves, a virgin one of course! Quick and easy to make, it uses lime juice as its base. A cool drink, you can serve it to guests instead of soft drinks.

Mint lassi

If your child does not like to eat mint, this is one way to make sure they do. Add it to their glass of lassi and they will gulp it down without making a face. It will also make it more refreshing.

Mint soup

Soups are a great way to soothe yourself. When you are sick, a warm bowl of soup works wonders in improving your health and mood. This soup has mint in addition to green peas

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