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How to Care for Your Nails at Home

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Taking care of your nails not only improves how your hands look, but also helps you stay hygienic and healthy. Here are some tips to help!

Trim your nails when they get too long. Cut nails when they reach a point that’s to high for you. If you don’t clip them when needed they can tear or get caught on things. Even worse it can scratch things…. like you.

  • Take special care with your toenails. For true nail care, trim your toenails in a straight line and not in a curved manner. Inappropriate toenail cutting, toe injuries and even ill-fitting boots or shoes might result in minute pieces of these toenails splitting up at the corners. This can also lead the problem of ingrown nails.
Follow a good diet for nails. Fragile nails can be caused by iron deficiencies. Foodstuffs abundant in iron include liver, trim red meats, species of fish, soy products, beans, lentils, whole grain products, green spinach, fresh vegetables, asparagus, parsley, poultry along with turkey, nuts, egg yolks, dry fruits like raisins, dates and apricots, etc. Eat a lot of these to help keep your nails healthy!

  • Beetroots usually contain more calcium and also vitamin D to supplement healthy nail growth. Day-to-day consumption of beetroots is likely to make all your finger nails incredibly healthy and sturdy.
  • Likewise for daily nail care, incorporate additional calcium loaded food items for instance milk products into your daily diet.
Use some tricks and remedies to clean your nails and remove stains.

  • Squeeze a tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice in a cup of normal water and dip all your fingernails or toenails in this particular solution as for a couple of minutes. Then thoroughly clean these with hot water and then use a moisturizer. This really is a helpful nail care tip to get rid of stains on your nails.
  • For nail care dip all your fingernails and toenails into lukewarm mustard oil as for 8-10 minutes. Then rub each of them slowly and gradually to ensure that circulation of blood is as usual. This really should be executed each day to help make all of your fingernails and toenails fit and strong.
  • Dip your fingernails through warm and comfortable olive oil just for 15-20 minutes on every alternate day. This is a beneficial nail care tip to help harden tender fingernails and toenails.
Massage your nails. Use a cotton ball dipped in fresh lemon juice and rinse them all right out after short while. By following this kind of procedure, an individual’s fingernails or toenails will end up being firm as well as radiant.

Cure Your Toe Nails From Ingrown

Monday, January 13th, 2014

An ingrown toe nail is a condition in which the edge of the nail cuts into the flesh, this condition occurs most frequently in the big toe and may affect one or both sides of the nail. Initially it may only cause a little discomfort but as the nail grows deeper into the flesh the toe usually becomes infected and very painful. The skin becomes irritated, red, shiny and swollen with a throbbing pain and the toe is painful to touch.

Certainly the first line of defense for this condition is good supporting shoes which have a wide toe box and a low heel. Nail softeners can be used to help the nail from piercing the skin but for successful treatment of an ingrown toe nail it is advisable to visit your local State Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist. They will be able to treat the condition and give you advice on how to manage and avoid the problem reoccurring. If the condition is painful enough and non-responsive to conservative treatment, then surgical correction is indicated.

An ingrown toenail is a serious condition for people with impaired circulation, diabetes or other systemic diseases should seek treatment from a State Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist or your family doctor.