New Hope for Cancer Patient with Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the introduction of an small amounts of medicine into the body, a medicine chosen to be similar in nature to the problem the patient is having. Two new anti-cancer homeopathic medicines are Nucleic acids 2LC1 and 2LCL1. There a many published studies showing an good improvement rate worldwide using Homoeopathy

ucleic Acids (2LC1 and 2LCL1)
Nucleic acids are found in the cells of all living things. there are documented cases of recovery which include many advanced cancers – metastatic liver and breast cancer, leukaemias etc. However, because nucleic acids are usually present in infinitesimal quantities, and high doses are toxic, so the principles of homeopathy have been applied to their orthomolecular use and they are available as 2 special homeopathic blends: 2LC1 and 2LCL1
Galium Aparine Q
(Goose Grass)
Galium Aparine has power of suspending or modifying cancerous action. Has clinical confirmation of its use in cancerous ulcers and nodulated tumors. of the tongue.
How Brain is involve to create cancer
To create Cancer lot of mental anxiety and other mental factors are responsible as well as habits like use of cigarette, use of Bra may be causing Breast Cancer etc….
Your Brain certainly knows where the problem is, within your entire body. Unless you reach the brain for curing the disease , the disease would not be cured . So we treat the patient mainly on his mental symptom, We have treated a no. of cases of Malignancy. We have a no. of cases of Malignancy and we are treating the case of Malignancy. If we get the patient as early as possible cancer cases before Chemotherapy and Radiation it is best for treating. But in other hand if we get after the Chemotherapy and Radiation , then the treatment will take a lot of time and it may some times fail too . But in other hand our medicine will surely increase your survival rate because our medicine directly acts on increasing immune power of our body against cancer cell..
Our Homoeopathic Medicine- can be taken with all other medicine or alone as you like. It is harmless. It is prepared from diluted in microns so there is no any adverse reaction, It is very-very safe.
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