Male & Female Orgasm – Homoeopathic treatment

Stannum– Easily produced i.e. scratching of arms produces intolerable sensation of pleasure in genital organs.
Berberis Vul – In delayed pleasurable sensation . Also when the pleasurable sensation is absent.
Bromium– Pleasurable sensation wanting
Osmium– Absence for usual thrill during ejaculation.
Other numbers of homoeopathic drugs are there ie. Fully depend upon mental symptom of patient, and detail counseling is required through regular chat/email/direct etc. for cure of this disease.
    Article on painful sexual intercourse (Coition) –By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma @
Dyspareunia is painful sexual intercourse, due to medical or psychological causes. The term is used almost exclusively in women, although the problem may occur in men. The causes are often reversible, even when long-standing, but self-perpetuating pain is a factor after the original cause has been removed.

Dyspareunia is considered to be primarily a physical, rather than an emotional, problem until proven otherwise. In most instances of dyspareunia, there is an original physical cause. Extreme forms, in which the woman’s pelvic floor musculature contracts involuntarily, is termed vaginismus

When pain occurs, the woman may be distracted from feeling pleasure and excitement. Both vaginal lubrication and vaginal dilation decrease. When the vagina is dry and undilated, penile thrusting is painful. Even after the original source of pain (a healing episiotomy, for example) has disappeared, a woman may feel pain simply because she expects pain. In brief, dyspareunia can be classified by the time elapsed since the woman first felt it:
During the first 2 weeks or so, dyspareunia caused by penile insertion or movement of the penis in the vagina or by deep penetration is often due to disease or injury deep within the pelvis.

After the first 2 weeks or so, the original cause of dyspareunia may still exist with the woman still experiencing the resultant pain. Or it may have disappeared, but the woman has anticipatory pain associated with a dry, tight vagina

Numerous medical causes of dyspareunia exist, ranging from infections (candidiasis, trichomoniasis, urinary tract infections), tumors, xerosis (dryness, especially after the menopause) and LSEA. Dyspareunia may result from female genital mutilation, when the introitus has become too small for normal penetration (often worsened by scarring).

Homoeopathic treatment is on totality of symptoms lot of medicine is there for this but mental detail and counseling is required for permanent cure.

Ferrum Met– Coition painful with bleeding there after soreness and cutting pain in vagina.
Kreosote – Pain during and after coition
Argentum nit– Pain during coition.
Natrum Mur– Pain during sexual intercourse with dryness of the vagina, a feeling as though stick pressed into the walls of the vagina.
Lyssin– Pin with dislike for coition since child birth.
Sepia– Terrible pai during coition with leucorrhoea.
Hydrastis– Pain with almost constant desire for sex, especially when she has discharge like the white of an egg.
Merc Cor. – Aching  pain on pressing or touching of uterus.
Berberis Vulg. – Discharge painful or too late.
By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma @

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