Trick or treatment? The truth about homeopathy

Continuing our debate on ‘The Best and Worst of Medicine’, Michael Baum and Edzard Ernst call for homeopathy to be put in the sin bin of history.

spiked and Wellcome Collection have launched a brand new website to debate the best and worst ideas, phenomena, developments and practises in the history of medicine, in the run-up to two big live debates in London on 26 June and 17 July. Here, Michael Baum and Edzard Ernst argue that homeopathy is one of the worst, lingering ideas in the world of pseudo-medicine.

Once upon a time, doctors had little patience with the claims made for alternative medicines. In recent years, however, the climate has changed dramatically. It is now politically correct to have an open mind about such matters; ‘the patient knows best’ or ‘it worked for me’ seem to be the new mantras… read more

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