Are you sleeping at your office?

Are you sleeping at your office?


Haven’t you heard songs like “Why are you not able to sleep at night”.
But in some cases it can be opposite i.e. People feel sleepy all day,
forget nights. They are found dozing every minute whether they are at
home or at office.

It has been recently discovered by scientist that people who doze at
office are highly susceptible to paralysis attacks as well. If this is
the same problem with you, then wake up because your life is in
danger. Try to save yourself from High Blood pressure, Heart disease,
Paralysis, Diabetes, Anemia, Neurological diseases, Anxiety,

But Why does it happen?

Some times body gets tired and to regain energy it needs oxygen .While
working continuously at one place, body becomes inactive while mind
remains active. Which means body utilizes same amount of oxygen which
is required at rest. In this situation there is body’s inherent system
which is working. This system makes the mind inactive, so that maximum
portion of oxygen quantity inhaled by the body is utilized in relaxing
the mind. You start dozing. Have you ever felt that when you are
exercising the body, you never feel sleepy? Because in this situation
both neurological and blood circulation processes are working
simultaneously and similarly in your body. There is constant flow of
energy in body and there is no question of feeling sleepy.

Do you keep dozing at office while working? These days it is quite
common to see people sleeping at work. Some even start snoring. Early
hours in the office are very slothful. As soon as one leaves home to
come to office in a mood to work, laziness takes over. Even if you
want to work, you become helpless and eyelids start dropping. If
somebody call you, you hardly open your eyes and then go back to sleep
mode again. You go for sugar, blood pressure and heart dieses related
check ups, but of no avail. People working in office only move their
head and exercise their brain. But, their body has no movement i.e. it
sits idle. Because of this, the blood circulation and distribution
system stops working and in tern body becomes completely tired which
makes body oxygen deficient. To compensate this deficiency, the mind
wants to relax and we start dozing. But, when you are at work, you
never feel sleepy. Likewise, agricultural labors utilize every part of
their body when they are working and because of which the blood
circulation and inhalation process in their body works perfectly well.
If you practice the same thing, you won’t feel sleepy. But, if you
keep stationary for long in same position, dozing will become a habit
for you. If there are no changes, you feel boring for sure and hence
sleepy. If you keep changing your subject of work, it will keep your
interest alive and you can get rid of your habit of dozing. You also
have plenty of remedial medicines available in homeopathy. For this,
we need to counsel the patient to know what he thinks repeatedly and
converts to actions. For example, one needs one pen, He goes to buy
one pen, but end up buying more than one. Telling lies, fear, hiding
themselves from others, getting angry for no reason, showing false
happiness, not able to tolerate anything, cleanliness etc which cannot
be written here. Symptoms written above ,if followed then you can get
recover from these very easily and you can become faithful, obedient
towards your boss.


1) Nux Vom 6- , anger, who feel sleepy at office while sitting on the
chair, for them Nux vom 6 is very useful medicine. Take it thrice a
2) Zinc Met 6- who feels sleepy, drowsiness at the time of work, who
feels hungry between 11-12 pm at the morning. Take it Thrice a day
3) Acid phos 30- while writing if you feel sleepy. Take it thrice a day.
4) Limen 6- While driving if you feel sleepy then you should take this
medicine thrice a day.

Along above written medicines there is a batch flower remedy which is
also very suitable for this kind of patient is “clemitis” if taken
then you can get result within a month.

While taking this medicine please concern your reliable Homeopathic
Doctor so that he can prescribe you the suitable medicine from the
above medicine

– Article by Dr.Deoshlok Sharma @

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