Homoeopathy is the true science of healing. It is based on certain fixed laws and principles. “Similia Similibus Curentur”. Let likes be cured by likes.

In the system a medicine is selected on the basis of similarity between the qualities – suxch as proved symptoms of medicinal substances and the symptoms of diseases.

The qualities of medicinal substances are studied by administering them to healthy human beings of all ages and both sexes and recording the changes in their state of health.

The persons on whom such a study is conducted are known as provers the total picture and symptom complex recorded forms the basis of study of a medicine.

These medicine, which produce certain set of symptoms in healthy person, have the capacity to cure similar set of symptoms in sick person.

Homoeopathy was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahneman (1755 – 1843), a celebrated scientist and chemist and one of the leading physicians of his times.

After completion of graduation in medicine, Hahnemann practiced successfully and was looked upon as an eminent physician.

But he was not satisfied with the medicine and its result which were not governed by definite law or principle.

Finally Hahne-man gave up practice of medi-cine and took up translating medical and sci-entific books for his livelihood.

In 1970 while translating cullen’s materia medica from English to German, he came across “Girchona can cure malaria because it produce malaria like symptoms from that day he started proving various substances on himself and other healthy individuals.

Thus he established a system of medicine based on a fixed law “Similia Simibus Curentur”.

Homoeopathy holds that the living body is governed by a dynamic force which is known as vital force.

The vital force Animates and regulates the sensations and functions of living beings.

As long as there is equilibrium and as long as there is no disturbance the vital force maintains health.

Any external and internal attempt to disturb the equilibrium is always opposed by vital force.

If the vital force is deranged by a more powerful inimical force, the person becomes sick and the sickness manifest itself in the form of signs and symptoms during the state of sickness the vital force needs the external help in the form of medicine so that the organism attains its original state of health.

The Homeopathic system of medicine has been practiced successfully all over the world with more than 3,000 proved medicines.

Homeopathy has been found to be efficacious in treating almost all types of diseases.

The general impression about chronic diseases is that they are long lasting serious in nature and mostly incurable.

There are various systems of medicines and every system has its own scope and limitations, merits and demerits.

Act systems do treat chronic diseases sometimes they succeed sometimes they don’t.

Homeopathy holds that a disease is caused when the equilibrium of organism is disturbed and thereafter it gets expressed through different organs and tissues of the body.

In Homeopathy a sick person with his given symptoms is treated as single entity he is seldom treated taking into consideration just his diseased organs or only a group of common symptoms.

Homeopathy treats the person not the disease.

If a person is constantly facing an unfavorable environment, it affects his psycho – biological system and produces several changes.    — Source & Courtesy : Coastweek



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