Evidence of Success with Homeopathy

Skeptics of homeopathy mistakenly assert that there is no research that verifies its efficacy. In actual fact, skeptics who assume this are simply showing their own ignorance and their own unscientific attitude.

An impressive international study that involved 30 clinicians in 6 clinics in 4 countries enrolled 500 consecutive patients with upper respiratory tract complaints, lower respiratory tract complaints, or ear complaints. The study found 83% of patients receiving homeopathic care experienced improvement, while only 68% of those receiving a conventional medication experienced a similar degree of improvement. The study also found that those people given a homeopathic experienced more rapid relief: 67.3% experienced improvement with homeopathy within 3 days, while only 56.6% of patients given conventional medicines experienced improvement (16.4% of homeopathic patients improved within 24 hours; 5.7% in other group).(Riley, et al, 2001)

The #1 reason that parents take their child to a physician today is for ear infection. A study published in a major pediatric journal found that there were 19.9% more treatment failures in children given a placebo than those given a homeopathic medicine. The study also found a significant decrease in symptoms at 24 and 64 hours after treatment in favor of those given a homeopathic medicine.

The homeopathic medicine that has undergone a significant number of studies is the popular flu remedy Oscillococcinum. Three large-scale studies (over 300 patients in each) conducted by three groups of independent researchers have consistently found positive results in using this remedy to treat influenza (Vickers and Smith, 2005). Because conventional medicine has nothing to offer this all-too-common viral illness, it is good to know of a safe and effective remedy. However, it is useful to know that this remedy is primarily useful when it is taken within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms.

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