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Fair your face in a 90 days with homeopathy

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

av.JPGFair your face in a 90 days

Remove your wrinkles, acne, black heads through our beauty drops

5 drops thrice in a day
Make your face look Fair…..

Only homoeopathy can do

We all want to look beautiful and the main thing is to look fair. Fairness plays the main role in human beings beauty. As Beautiful peoples are given first preference in every field whether it education or in professional life .Even every boy desire to marry a fair girl. So I just want to you all people to know about the medicine in Homeopathy which not only gives fair look but also vanish all the pimple scar, black spot on the face due to which the suffering people feel very depressed, hide them self, don’t like to participate in society, think themselves inferior to other people only because they are not beautiful as other. We have a wonderful drugs in homoeopathy Fragaria Vesca 3x 5 drops three times in a day with 1 spoon water . take Orally keep it 1 minute in mouth.. pls continue at least 3 month to get the result….. it is harmless and dependable drugs… other drugs also be there for improvement of fairness i.e. strictly prescribed on totality of symptom…. or get detail.

- Dr. Deosholok Sharma

Joints pain & its treatment in homoeopathy

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

joint-pain.JPGI am going to place a wonder full drug for joints pain and for regeneration of Knee and elbow joints cartilage. No side effect no reactions it is completely safe than any other medicines. It is completely homoeopathic.How would you come to know that your knee joints are needed to regenerate the cartilage OR your cartilage is damaged? – When your knee joints or elbow joints get swell and give sound like KAT – KAT during movement or in motion or . Pain increases during walking or knee pain increases when you use of stair. Or if age is more than 35.

In alopathic they are using glucosamine sulphate (marketing names are Big Joint, Rebone, Jointace, Jointfit, ostovit, cartsafe fort, Joints diet, lubrijoint etc………) for regeneration and have a lot of side effect like epigastric pain, tenderness, heartburn, diarrhea, and nausea, drowsiness , headache , Insomania and you will not get fully cured. They claim to cure but very less peoples get relieved.

Treatment in homoeopathy
Try Argentum Metalicum 30C three times in a day for a 3 month to cure if your disease is very chronic then you may continue for long time to fully cure in between any problem you may contact on my email

One wonder thing I want to write you that In whole homoeopathic Medicine Only single drugs is there for necrosis or repair the cartilage i.e. Argentum Metalicum please refer page no. 1993 synthesis repertorium edition 9.1

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma