Dengue patients look towards homeopathy treatment now

Dengue homeopathy treatmentWhile cases of dengue are still trickling in, some patients claim to have found the cure to the dreaded disease in homeopathy. Dr Aneeta Singla, a doctor who has a homeopathic clinic in Barewal, said she has treated 50 patients over the last few weeks and has at least three to four patients visiting her daily, most being from Rampura Phul. “As many as 48 of them have responded well to the treatment and only two did not get satisfactory results,” she explained.

“Homeopathy treats every case individually. Every case is studied in isolation of other dengue cases unlike in allopathy, where the treatment for a particular disease is almost similar for all patients,” she added.

“After the patient’s history is known, I prescribe medicines from amongst 18 medicines that I have found for the disease based on different kinds of symptoms. In patients whose platelet count had dipped to less than 7,000, the treatment has swung it back to over 1 lakh 50 thousand in just over a couple of days,” she claims. : Source – Ludhiana Newsline, India – Nov 20, 2008.

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