Infertility: Homeopathy can do wonders

The birth of first test tube baby, Louis Brown, in Manchester on July 25, 1978, was played up by the media to such an extent that issueless couples believed it as the best option for them. This served the interests of the medical industry and not that of the humanity.

The medical industry takes patients as machines that need to be fixed. Their approach can be best described in the words of a doctor who once told BBC, ‘You are deliberately setting out to create human beings and then destroying them.’

A homeopath, however, takes his patients as human beings and not as machines. The causes of infertility include a wide range of emotional and physical factors. Homeopathy believes in the individualization and gives primary importance to the fixing of vital force in the process of healing of an individual patient.

In most of female infertility cases it is either the blockage of fallopian tubes or the improper formation of eggs that forestalls conception. Many procedures like IUI, IVF, ICSI, MESA, TESA etc. are being adopted by the artificial reproductive technology these days to help patients suffering from infertility problems.

The birth of the test tube baby was the first event of its kind in the history of medical industry. But homeopathy has been successfully treating the infertility problems for the last two centuries. It focuses on the restoration of health gently, promptly and permanently. Its diagnostic methods, based on symptoms, are more reliable than the pathological lab reports. However, a homeopathic doctor may consider these reports for further confirmation of his analysis.

It gives me deep satisfaction as a physician that I was given chances by Allah Almighty to successfully treat many couples suffering from infertility. Most of these couples were told by reputed doctors that the only possibility for them to have a child was through the artificial reproduction technology. I remember a lady, who came from Karachi, had only one blocked fallopian tube, the other being already removed by surgeons. Some patients had asked her to try homeopathic treatment. She got the medicine and went back to Karachi. She returned after three months and to my delight her test reports showed that her blocked fallopian tube was absolutely clear and perfectly all right. She told me that her doctor said that there are now chances for conception if her ovaries could produce proper mature eggs. Then she asked, with hope in her eyes, ‘Doctor, is there any medicine in homeopathy for healthy eggs also?’

Although the successful homeopathic treatment of record cases of infertility is heartening, yet it disheartens me that a majority of the infertile patients are unaware of the efficacy of homeopathy. God is so kind that He has given us homeopathy. Europe and America are spending billions of dollars every year on homeopathy but do not let it become popular in the third world.

Our neighbour India had started patronizing homeopathy on government level sixty years ago and now homeopathic physicians there are providing cheap and effective alternative treatment to hundreds of millions of their countrymen. India has become the hub of homeopathy-related activities the world over.

In our country only certain individuals are doing research in this field. Our government is still oblivious to the importance of patronising homeopathy, which has great potential of curing problems not only of the infertile couples but also of all patients including those suffering from cancer and hepatitis.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dr Asghar Ali Shah / Homeopathic Physician /

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