Homeopathic Treatment of Kidney Stones (Renal Stones, Renal Calculi)

In general, allopathy or conventional medicine offers 5 options to treat kidney or renal stones. But unfortunately these line of treatment are temporary, suppressive and associated with side effects :

  • In order to combat pain, blockage and infection, pain killers like ketorlac, alpha adrenergic blocking agents (Flomax, Uroxatral and so on), NSAIDs or Narcotics (Codeine) are prescribed by allopathic doctors. The above are associated with severe side effects including damage to liver and kidneys. Also the pain returns as soon as the medications are stopped.
  • Lithotripsy (SWL, ESWL) : Shock waves are focused on the stone to break up a large stone into smaller pieces that can then pass through the urinary system. But the reccurrence rate is quite high, 42% of patients will have another stone within two years. Also lithotripsy may increase subseqent incidence of diabetes and hypertension.
    Moreover, lithotripsy is contraindicated in patients with acute urinary infection, uncorrected bleeding disorders, pregnancy, sepsis, pulmonary or cardiac problems, orthopedic or spinal deformities.
  • Endoscopic treatment.
  • Percutaneous removal (PCNL).
  • Open surgery.

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