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Collection of Drug Substances

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Though the aphorism of the Organon of Medicine and its certain portion are not directly connected with the process of collection, yet the advices given by Hahnemann forms the fundamentals of preparing a drug, in which the process of collecting a drug substance is an important part for the genuineness of the drug so prepared. In aphorism 264 of Organon of Medicine, Hahnemann holds, “The true physician must be provided with genuine medicine of unimpaired strength, so that he may be able to rely upon their therapeutic powers.” In aphorism 66 of Organon be also emphasises that “substances belonging to the animal and vegetable kingdoms, possess their medicinal qualities most perfectly in their raw state”. As such advices of Hahnemann are to use fresh animal and vegetable drug substances

Vegetable Kingdom – Purity and genuinity of the original drug substances must be ensured. All vegetable drug substances should be procured fresh, as far as possible, except the substances which has to be imported from outside. It should be collected only in healthy or well developed state; free from worms, insects, or as per direction of the particle drug preparation given in Homoeopathic pharmacology. All those are in decayed state should be discarded.

They shall show no discolouration, abnormal odour, slimness or any sign of deterioration. The wild ones are preferable to cultivated ones. They should be collected when their medicinal virtue is greatest. They must not be packed too closely in carrying; and be used quickly in preparing the substance after collection, so that they may yield their full medicinal strength unchanged. Never collect them during morning dew, nor immediately after a shower, nor during too heat of the day. They should be gathered when the weather has previously been sunny and dry, and just after disappearance of the morning dew.

Cleaning of the drug materials, so collected, should be done carefully so that any part of it is not erroded. Never wash with profuse water; if become unavoidable, use only too little water for washing. Exotic drug substances should never be imported in powder form, and without proper identification of their genuineness (vide Organon of Medicine-aphorism 268).

Homeopathic Remedy

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I took this while in Morrocco on the advice of well traveled friends. I can’t say for sure that’s why I never got any type of sickness, but I was the only one in the group who didn’t. Cheap insurance and easy to take. highly recommended.
Arsenicum Album (Arsenous Acid) is a homeopathic remedy that may be used for diarrhea, cramps, gastroenteritis, hay fever, chills, dermatitis, inflammation of all degrees of severity in all organs, serious Problem created due to harmful organisms, problems of attrition, benign and malignant proliferation of tissue and emotional discord or upset.

Homeopathic Medicine for High Blood Pressure

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Homeopathic medicine may lower blood pressure without as many side effects as prescription medications. Many types of homeopathic medicine for lowering high blood pressure include changing personal behaviors and maintaining those changes to be effective at lowering blood pressure to a healthy level. People who are considering using homeopathic medicine for lowering blood pressure should first talk to their doctors, since some methods may be contraindicated with other medical treatments or medications.


  1. The function of homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure is to avoid medications that may have serious side effects, to lessen the cost of prescription blood pressure drugs and to improve overall health.


  2. According to the Mayo Clinic, nutrition is the most effective homeopathic medicine for lowering high blood pressure when it includes a low-salt and low-fat diet, eliminating alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, and drinking at least 64 oz. of water daily. According to the Cleveland Clinic, alternative medicine for lowering high blood pressure such as practicing daily breathing techniques and acupuncture has been adapted for Western use from Eastern cultures (see Resources below).According to the Cleveland Clinic, homeopathic remedies that include physical activity such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, stretching and moderate aerobic exercise can work as effectively as prescription blood pressure drugs. Homeopathic medicine for high blood pressure may include herbs and supplements such as coenzyme Q10, omega-3 fatty acids, L-arginine and L-taurine that have effects on blood vessels similar to blood pressure medications.


  1. Herbs and supplements are available in over-the-counter in health stores. Acupuncture and breathing techniques may decrease stress and lead to a lower blood pressure.


  2. Supplements and herbs in health stores may not be clearly labeled for dosage or the proper way to use them. Homeopathic medicine for lowering high blood pressure should not be used instead of a doctor’s advice or in place of blood pressure drugs prescribed by a doctor.

Homeopathic Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

The Law of Similars

The principle that like shall be cured by like, or Similia similibus curantur. This principle, recognized by physicians and philosophers since ancient times, became the basis of Hahnemann’s formulation of the homeopathic doctrine: the proper remedy for a patient’s disease is that substance that is capable of producing, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those from which the patient suffers.

In other words, a substance produces symptoms of illness in a well person when administered in large doses; if we administer the same substance in minute quantities, it will cure the disease in a sick person. Hahnemann suggested that this is because nature will not allow two similar diseases to exist in the body at the same time. Thus homeopaths will introduce a similar artificial disease into the body which will push the original one out. The dose is small so that there is no danger of any long term side effects.

The Principle of Minimum Dose

This principle states that extreme dilution enhances the curative properties of a substance, while eliminating any possible side effects. This is just the reverse of conventional drug philosophy where a minimum dose is required for effect. Starting from the conventional dose, as we decrease the concentration (or increase the dilution), the medicine become less and less efficient. But below a threshold, the medicine start getting potent again. Homeopaths uses this region of potency.

Whole Person Prescribing

A homeopath studies the whole person. Characteristics such as their temperament, personality, emotional and physical responses when prescribing a remedy, etc. are studied. So, a homeopath may treat different persons exhibiting the same symptom differently. (For example, two persons exhibiting flu like symptoms may get two different medication from the homeopath based on the appraisal of the mind body constitution.)

Laws of Cure

There are three laws of cure, They are:

>>  A remedy starts at the top of the body and works downward
>>  A remedy works from within the body outward, and from major to minor organs
>>  Symptoms clear in reverse order of appearance.

Application of the three principles of cure means that you will feel better emotionally before you will feel better physically.

Which Problems Respond Well to Homeopathic Treatment?

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Ailments such as colds, constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea respond well to homeopathic treatment. It can help in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, fibrositis and psoriasis. Homeopathy also helps in the emotional, mental or physical complaints. For example, there is a remedy available to help people to stop smoking.

The following are a list of conditions for which Homeopathy has a known remedy:

>  Abdominal Pain and Indigestion 
>  Acne 
>  Allergies: Contact Dermatitis {Skin Rash), Eczema, Hives, Upper-Respiratory- Tract Allergy {Hay Fever) 
>  Anxiety and Fear 
>  Asthma: Allergic, Reactive, Psychogenic 
>  Back and Neck Problems: Stiff Neck, Lower Back Pain, Sacroiliac Sprain, Coccyx Injury, Sciatica 
>  Bedwetting {Enuresis) 
>  Bladder Infections {Cystitis) Boils 
>  Canker Sores and Cold Sores 
>  Chicken Pox 
>  Colds 
>  Conjunctivitis {Eye Inflammation or Pinkeye) 
>  Constipation 
>  Coughs 
>  Diaper Rash 
>  Diarrhea 
>  Earaches: Otitis Media, Otitis Externa 
>  Fever 
>  Flu 
>  Food Poisoning 
>  German Measles 
>  Grief and Sadness 
>  Headaches: Muscle Contraction (Tension) Headache, Vascular {Migraine) Headache, Other Headaches 
>  Hemorrhoids 
>  Hepatitis 
>  Herpes Simplex 
>  Herpes Zoster {Shingles)
>  Impetigo 
>  Insomnia 
>  Irritability and Anger 
>  Laryngitis 
>  Measles 
>  Menstrual Cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) 
>  Mononucleosis 
>  Motion Sickness 
>  Mumps 
>  Nausea 
>  Neck Pain 
>  Poison Oak or Ivy 
>  Prostatitis 
>  Ringworm and Other Related Fungal Infections 
>  Sciatica 
>  Sexually Transmitted Diseases
>  Sinus Problems (Sinusitis) 
>  Sore Throats: Noninfectious, Viral, and Strep 
>  Styes 
>  Teething 
>  Thrush 
>  Urethritis 
>  Vaginitis: Yeast Infections, Bacterial Infections, Trichomonas Infections, and Noninfectious Vaginitis 
>  Vomiting 
>  Warts

How Do Homeopathic Remedies Work?

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Many of the homeopathic remedies are so diluted that according to the known laws of physics and chemistry, they couldn’t possibly have any effect. Once you get beyond a certain point-24x or 12c -there is probably not even one single molecule of the original active substance remaining. This fact is often pointed to by critics of homeopathy as they dismiss the effect of homeopathy as merely due to placebo effect.

And yet, according to homeopathic doctrine and experience, the more diluted the solution, the more potent it is. Homeopaths contend that the remedies work and they see no reason to stop using them simply because we do not understand how they work. They often argue that pharmacologists cannot explain exactly how most conventional drugs work. For example, even aspirin is not fully understood in terms of how it works, but physicians have no difficulty in recommending its use. 
Over the years several theories have been proposed to explain the action on homeopathic potentization. 


The effects of microdoses have been known for a long time, and there are a number of examples that support the idea that very diluted concentrations of a substance will have a measurable and sometimes profound effect. Scientists call this phenomenon: hormesis. 

Scientists from Michigan State University have shown how hormesis work in nature. They used microdoses of a fertilizer to stimulate crop production. In a dose equivalent to a 9x dilution, the fertilizer increased tomato yield by 30 percent, carrots were 21 percent bigger, and corn yield increased by 25 percent. 

Our own bodies secrete minute amounts of hormones that have powerful effects. Thyroid hormone is present in our blood at only 1 part per 10 billion-yet this is enough to regulate the rate of our entire metabolism. Many animal studies show that low doses of some substances elicit a beneficial response while high doses are harmful. This phenomenon has been documented to occur with radiation, antibiotics, and heavy metals. 

Homeopathic Remedies Work in Spiritual/Energy Plane and Not in Physical Plane

Homeopathic remedies are believed to work in the spiritual plane as opposed to the physical plane as we are used to think and measure. Hahnemann believed that dilution and succussion released a spirit- like power that worked on the spiritual level of the vital force in humans. We are familiar with the formerly invisible, immeasurable, unknowable energy forms, such as electromagnetic radiation and subatomic particles. Magnets exerted their force long before science could explain the mechanism. Physicists are still trying to explain gravity and the nature of matter, still discovering phenomena such as the “strong force” and the “weak force.” 

Homeopathy is an energy medicine, as are acupuncture and therapeutic touch. Homeopaths believe that although the physical molecules of the original substance may be gone, dilution and succussion leaves something behind-an imprint of its essence, or its energy pattern-that gives it a kind of healing charge. Potentization does not occur if you simply dilute the substance, even if you dilute it repeatedly. Nor does it occur if you only shake the substance vigorously. There is something about each process that builds sequentially upon the other, causing the power to be retained and progressively intensified. 

But how does the information in such a minute amount of substance get transferred to the body? Some theorists suggest the repeated succussion creates an electrochemical pattern that is stored in the water carrier and then spreads like liquid crystallization through the body’s own water; others say the dilution process triggers an electromagnetic imprinting that directly affects the electro- magnetic field of the body. This concept is used in other therapies also. For example, Ayurveda suggests taking water that has been potentizated by precious metals such as gold. The water is believed to possess curative power as a result of coming in contact with gold and other gemstones although no molecular transfer takes place. The healing power of crystals and magnets are believed to come from their effect on the energy pattern or vibration frequency. So, the suggestion of the homeopathic remedies as working on the energy plane may not be as far fetched as we may think at the first glance.

Diabetes Treatment

Sunday, March 28th, 2010


Phosphorus to stabilize blood sugar and energy levels
Codeinum: 3X four to six times daily for depression and skin irritation.
Syzygium: 1X every eight hours as a general remedy.

Schuessler Tissue Salts

Take ten tablets of each twice per day:

Kali phosphorica
3X first week
6X second week
12X third week, and continue with this potency
 Natrum muriatirum 12X
 Ferrum phosphorica 6X
Color Therapy

Radiate the following colors twice per day, one after the other allover the body:

green-thirty minutes,

yellow-fifteen minutes.

Be sure to work the reflex points on the hands and feet for the liver, pancreas and pituitary and adrenal glands.

Massage the whole feet softly twice per day for five minutes. Press the following points twice per day, three minutes each point:

2-Pituitary , 30 Cerebrum, 4-Cerebellum, 20-Adrenal Gland, 21-Kidney, 22-Pancreas (five minutes this point)

Homeopathy for Obesity

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Homeopathy offers treatments for various aspects of obesity. Homeopathic medicines can help you lose weight by improving digestion, elimination, and metabolism. But the medicines need to be individually prescribed, based on your own unique pattern of symptoms.Constitutional treatment is most appropriate, but some of the following remedies might be useful.Antimonium crudum is usually indicated if you become very irritable when someone warns you not to overeat. You also have belching and diarrhea, and may have a coated tongue. Take one dose of Antimonium crudum 30x or 7c each morning and another in late afternoon for up to five days.

Argentum nitricum. This remedy reduces cravings for sweets. Take one dose of Argentum nitricum 30x or 9c twice daily for up to one week.Calcarea carbonica This remedy is useful if you have difficulty controlling your appetite and eat to calm your nerves. You suffer from indigestion, and crave hot food and eggs. Take one dose of Calcarea carbonica 12x or 6c three times daily for up to one week when beginning a new dietary program.

Coffea cruda is indicated if you are excitable and nervous, and eat primarily to calm down. Take one dose of Coffea cruda 12x or 6c three times daily for up to three days.Capsicum is indicated if you are lazy, have a red face, and suffer from burning sensations in the digestive tract.

Graphites This is the remedy of choice for the perimenopausal woman fighting weight gain. The patient may be pale and very sensitive to cold. You suffer from constipation and skin problems. Your feet feel cold. Take one dose of Graphites 30x or 9c each morning and another in the afternoon for up to five days.

Ignatia is generally prescribed if you are anxious and fearful, and feel you simply must eat when you are tense and nervous. Take one dose of Ignatia 30x or 9c each morning and again in the afternoon for up to five days.Kali carb is often indicated if you are clogged with catarrh, have backache, and your feel is cold.

Lycopodium Taking one dose of homeopathic Lycopodium 30c can help tame cravings for sweets.Staphysagria This remedy is indicated if you tend to eat out of repressed anger. Your weight gain problem may be compounded by oppressive, even abusive, relationships in your life. Take one dose of Staphysagria 30x or 9c each morning and another in the late afternoon for up to five days.

If your weight does not improve in one to two months after beginning at-home homeopathic treatment, see a professional.

Names of Homeopathic Medicines

Saturday, March 27th, 2010
Latin Name Common Name
Allium cepa Onion
Apis Crushed bee
Arnica Mountain daisy
Belladonna Deadly nightshade
Bellis perennis Daisy
Berberis Barberry
Bryonia Wild hops
Calcarea carbonica Calcium carbonate
Calendula Marigold
Cantharis Spanish fly
Caulophylium Blue cohosh
Chamomilla Chamomile
Cimicifuga Black snakeroot
Colocynthis Bitter cucumber
Cuprum metallicum Copper
Eupbrasia Eyebright
Ferrum phos Iron phosphate
Gelsemium Yellow jasmine
Hepar sulph Hahnemann’s calcium sulphide
Lachesis Venom of the bushmaster snake
Ledum Marsh tea
Magnesia phosphorica (Mag phos) Magnesium phosphate
Mercurius Mercury
Natrum mur Salt
Nux vomica Poison nut
Oscillococcinum Duck heart and liver
Pulsatilla Windflower
Rhus tox Poison ivy
Sarsaparilla Wild licorice
Sepia Cuttlefish
Sulphur Sulphur
Urtica urens Stinging nettle
Zincum Zinc

What is a homeopathic remedy?

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Homeopathic remedies are based on a holistic approach to health that addresses illness by stimulating the body’s own healing powers. Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like treats like” or the “Law of Similars”, which states that if an herb or some other natural substance is consumed in a large quantity and a specific set of symptoms occur, then that same ingredient in small amounts will stimulate the body to fight against those same symptoms.

The idea behind homeopathic medicine is similar to that of getting a vaccination; however, while vaccinations are used to prevent illness in people, homeopathic remedies are used to treat illnesses and address symptoms, whether these are physical or emotional.

A common and basic example of homeopathy is the red onion. Many people experience symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and even an itchy throat after dicing red onions. Therefore, red onion is often used as a homeopathic medicine in homeopathic potency to combat these same symptoms stemming from mild allergies or the common cold.

Using red onion in its raw form would aggravate these symptoms; instead it is prepared homeopathically so that the final remedy has no molecular traces of the original raw ingredient. The homeopathic preparation will stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to overcome the symptoms naturally and without chemical drugs, thereby addressing the symptoms and strengthening the body’s defenses.

Homeopathy is a gentle yet effective system of healing, and the remedies are suitable for use in all ages, including during pregnancy. In addition, homeopathic medicines may be safely combined with prescription medication in most cases.