Homeopathic Treatment of Tennis Elbow

 Every tennis player dreads ‘tennis elbow’ or lateral epicondylitis, which often starts trying out a new racket, stringing a racket too tightly, or playing too eagerly after an injury. Some other activities that put excessive or repetitive stress on tendon attachments in the elbow include golfing, weight training, pitching balls, hanging wall paper and painting ceilings.

Allopathic or conventional mode of treatment is usually started off conservatively and work up to more involved treatments. In allopathy the doctors prescribe oral anti inflammatory medications to help control pain and inflammation. Cortisone injections, a steroid, is given if oral anti inflammatory medicines fail. But if the person has tried more than two cortisone injections without relief, it is unlikely that additional injections will benefit the patient. In the end surgery is advised.

But all the above allopathic methods including pain killers, cortisone injections and surgery are associated with serious side effects, which everybody is aware of these days.

Here homeopathic remedies can stop that nagging ache of tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. Homeopathy is safe and effective. The homeopathic remedies help soothe a sore elbow. They reduce pain and inflammation. Homeopathy promotes the production of naturally occuring ‘pain killers’ in the body. Homeopathic remedies block pain signals, reduce stiffness and edema in the joint and promote natural healing.

There are 8 homoeopathy medicines which give great relief in tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. However, the correct choice and the resulting relief is a matter of experience and right judgment on the part of the homeopathy physician. The treatment is decided after thorough case taking of the patient. Thus homeopathic remedies of tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis are tailor made unlike allopathy in which all patients receive the same surgery or drugs (pain killers) although trade name may be different.

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