Diabetes Treatment


Phosphorus to stabilize blood sugar and energy levels
Codeinum: 3X four to six times daily for depression and skin irritation.
Syzygium: 1X every eight hours as a general remedy.

Schuessler Tissue Salts

Take ten tablets of each twice per day:

Kali phosphorica
3X first week
6X second week
12X third week, and continue with this potency
 Natrum muriatirum 12X
 Ferrum phosphorica 6X
Color Therapy

Radiate the following colors twice per day, one after the other allover the body:

green-thirty minutes,

yellow-fifteen minutes.

Be sure to work the reflex points on the hands and feet for the liver, pancreas and pituitary and adrenal glands.

Massage the whole feet softly twice per day for five minutes. Press the following points twice per day, three minutes each point:

2-Pituitary , 30 Cerebrum, 4-Cerebellum, 20-Adrenal Gland, 21-Kidney, 22-Pancreas (five minutes this point)

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