Which Problems Respond Well to Homeopathic Treatment?

Ailments such as colds, constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea respond well to homeopathic treatment. It can help in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, fibrositis and psoriasis. Homeopathy also helps in the emotional, mental or physical complaints. For example, there is a remedy available to help people to stop smoking.

The following are a list of conditions for which Homeopathy has a known remedy:

>  Abdominal Pain and Indigestion 
>  Acne 
>  Allergies: Contact Dermatitis {Skin Rash), Eczema, Hives, Upper-Respiratory- Tract Allergy {Hay Fever) 
>  Anxiety and Fear 
>  Asthma: Allergic, Reactive, Psychogenic 
>  Back and Neck Problems: Stiff Neck, Lower Back Pain, Sacroiliac Sprain, Coccyx Injury, Sciatica 
>  Bedwetting {Enuresis) 
>  Bladder Infections {Cystitis) Boils 
>  Canker Sores and Cold Sores 
>  Chicken Pox 
>  Colds 
>  Conjunctivitis {Eye Inflammation or Pinkeye) 
>  Constipation 
>  Coughs 
>  Diaper Rash 
>  Diarrhea 
>  Earaches: Otitis Media, Otitis Externa 
>  Fever 
>  Flu 
>  Food Poisoning 
>  German Measles 
>  Grief and Sadness 
>  Headaches: Muscle Contraction (Tension) Headache, Vascular {Migraine) Headache, Other Headaches 
>  Hemorrhoids 
>  Hepatitis 
>  Herpes Simplex 
>  Herpes Zoster {Shingles)
>  Impetigo 
>  Insomnia 
>  Irritability and Anger 
>  Laryngitis 
>  Measles 
>  Menstrual Cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) 
>  Mononucleosis 
>  Motion Sickness 
>  Mumps 
>  Nausea 
>  Neck Pain 
>  Poison Oak or Ivy 
>  Prostatitis 
>  Ringworm and Other Related Fungal Infections 
>  Sciatica 
>  Sexually Transmitted Diseases
>  Sinus Problems (Sinusitis) 
>  Sore Throats: Noninfectious, Viral, and Strep 
>  Styes 
>  Teething 
>  Thrush 
>  Urethritis 
>  Vaginitis: Yeast Infections, Bacterial Infections, Trichomonas Infections, and Noninfectious Vaginitis 
>  Vomiting 
>  Warts

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