Homeopathic Remedies And Toothache


Homeopathic treatment is gradually turning into preferred treatment for thousands of people because there are no side effects associated with this treatment. Homeopathy has treatment for practically any health-related problems that at times conventional healthcare practitioners cannot resolve.

Here are some homeopathic remedies for toothaches for those people who hate going to dentists!

  • Mercurius: This remedy is most commonly prescribed for toothache. It helps to treat throbbing aches that occur due to inflamed dentine and/or the socket. This homeopathic remedy is prescribed primarily for toothaches that get worse at night and in damp weather. It is also prescribed for ulcers on the tooth of the teeth, swollen and retracted gums and pain in hollow teeth.
  • Chamomilla: It is perfect homeopathic remedy for severe toothache affecting the entire row of teeth, where the pain tends to radiate to the ears. It is especially ideal for toothaches that are worse after eating and drinking warm food and beverages.
  • Coffea: Is prescribed for most severe toothaches where a person is unable to chew, drink anything warm and only gets relief when holding cold water in the mouth.
  • Plantago major: Is the homeopathic remedy prescribed for toothaches where the teeth feel elongated and sore, and sensitive. This remedy is highly effective for aches that get worse when lying on the affected side.
  • Silicea: Is prescribed for abscess of the root and dental fistula. This remedy can give relief for those who suffer extreme pain and are unable to sleep at night due to it.
  • Calcarea fluorica: Is just perfect for toothache brought on by tooth decay. It also helps those who are suffering from flaking tooth enamel.

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