Homeopathy to Control Diabetes


Before using homeopathy to treat diabetes, understand the system of homeopathy. Homeopathy is not the simple use of medication for treating a disease; rather it targeting the symptoms of the disease for treatment. Homeopathic medicines usually stimulate the body to create its own natural healing capacity. That is why before any treatment is instigated, the symptoms should be clearly understood. The symptoms of the disease change from individual to individual and the dosage and combination of medicines have to be altered to treat the symptoms in the most effective manner. Consult your physician before opting to use alternative medicines.

Phosphoric Acid and Phosphorus
Phosphoric acid helps alleviate symptoms of stress and nerves. Diabetes.org suggests that long-term stress can be a cause of “long term high blood glucose levels.” The symptoms include anxiety and grief and the urine contains too much sugar. It’s the first stage of diabetes and the individual may continuously pass colorless urine. Taking the combination Natrum sulphuricum will alleviate symptoms that are associated with diabetes, including dry mouth, while arsenicum helps in diabetic gangrene. Natrum sulphuricum usually helps in tissue problems related to diabetes and alleviates itching.


The most common symptom of the initial stages of diabetes is dry mouth that is helped by Bryonia. Thirst is reduced, as is the appetite, and the patient usually becomes lethargic. The use of Argentum metallicum helps in diuresis (increased formation of urine) usually caused in diabetes insipidus (abnormal state of water retention due to hormones and other external factors).

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