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How To Cure Constipation

Monday, August 9th, 2010

constipation.jpgCauses of constipationThe prime most reason for constipation is not having a healthy Lack of exercise, not having enough of liquids and fiber in diet. Other reasons are medications, irritable bowel syndrome, and phases of life like pregnancy, old age, travel, ignoring bowel urges, paralysis, problems in large intestines and rectum and abuse of laxatives.Homeopathic Treatment For ConstipationHomoeopathic medicines Nux Vomica, Bryonia, Alumina and Alumen ? are very helpful in the treatment of constipation, Nux Vomica is indicated in cases where ineffectualness is the key symptom. The patient feels unsatisfied after passing stool and has to defecate two-three times before he feels contented.Bryonia is generally a medicine for those who suffer from dry large hard stool, which causes a lot of discomfort while passing. Alumina is very important for constipation in children and infants who have to strain hard even for soft stool and may have to remain without passing stool for days together. Alumen (made from common potash) is often indicated for the most severe form of this problem where patient can go even a week without passing stool.Calcarea carbonica: People who need this remedy often feel more stable when constipated, and experience discomfort and fatigue when the bowels have moved. Large stools are hard at first, then sticky, then liquid. The person may feel chilly and sluggish, have clammy hands and feet, crave sweets, and feel weak and anxious when ill or overworked.Causticum: This remedy may be helpful when stool is difficult to pass, with lots of painful straining. The person’s face may turn red from effort, and more success may come from standing up. When it finally emerges, the stool will be narrow and full of mucus.

Homeopathic treatment for Sciatica

Monday, August 9th, 2010

sciatica.JPGPain that travels from the lower back or from the hip through the back part of the thigh to the lower part of the leg or to the foot is usually very indicative of sciatica.Sciatic nerve happens to be the longest nerve in our body. It starts from our spinal cord in the lower back and passes down through the hip into the back area of the lower leg When we say ‘Sciatica’ we refer to the pain in this sciatic nerve. As this nerve passes down through the pelvis, hip and to the backside of the lower leg, the sciatica pain whenever it occurs, is felt in the areas through which it passes. This nerve controls many muscles of the lower leg and also controls the sensation of thigh, leg and feet.It is nearly impossible to list all the homeopathic remedies for sciatica as each remedy carries a rider which explains the kind of patients that it is most suitable for. However, some of the frequently indicated remedies for sciatica are as follows:Arsenicum album – This herb is indicated when the pain is aggravated from midnight to 2 AM by cold or cold application and improves with heat and heat applications. The patient refuses to take medicine, fears death and is restless.Aconite – This herb is helpful when the condition is aggravated at night and in a hot room.Ammonium muriaticum – This herb is helpful when there is left-sided pain that aggravates upon sitting.Arnica – This herb is indicated when the condition aggravates in evenings or the sciatica is caused by trauma and the patient creates a scene upon arrival of the doctor.Belladonna – This herb is indicated when there is an increase in pain by slightest contact, touch, sound or gush of wind. The pain is episodic, beginning in the afternoon and ending at midnight.The list is as long as the range of attitudes and manifestation of symptoms.