Homeopathic remedy for Abscess

abscess1.jpgAbcesses are of many types and go by different names depending on the part of the skin that they occur in, we call an abscess that forms around a hair follicle as a boil, and such boils are typically formed along areas where hair follicles are dense, including the buttocks, the underarm and the hair neckline on the body. A carbuncle is a severe abscess, which usually has a number of centers located at several hair follicles on the body. A noticeable lump is present on the affected region and the skin in the region looks hot, is typically reddened and swollen from the beginning of its formation itself.


An Abscess is localized collection of pus in a cavity formed by disintegration of tissues . Symptoms may include stinging pain, tenderness, swelling and redness. The homeopathic remedies listed below can treat abscesses most successfully.


Minerals such as zinc and vitamin C are important supplements and help in the body’s fight against infection from all sources and pathogens-they must be included in the diet in appropriate doses. For the treatment of recurrent boils and abscesses, these two are effective preventives and will aid in the hastening of the healing process. For all manners of infection a lot of practitioners also recommend the consumption of the utilization of a vitamin C flush, the use of high doses of the vitamin C to bowel tolerance, may significantly aid in recovering from infections of all sorts.


Belladonna can be utilized for all forms of abscesses or boils that display very violent symptoms in the person and those which arise very suddenly in the body. Symptoms include the presence of a burning heat in the affected region of the skin, along with a reddened, dry and swollen area of the skin. The other physical symptoms evident in such individuals include the presence of throbbing attacks of pain, and also cutting types of pain in the area of the abscess. This remedy can also be used in the case of boils on the face, in case of abscess of the throat, in the liver, the joints, and other areas such as the breasts, and the glands all over the body.

Hepar sulph.

Hepar sulph. can be used for patient who tends to have symptoms such as the development of a hardened and hot, throbbing skin in the affected region. The symptoms can include the presence of sharp shooting and splinter-like pain in the abscess. The area tends to be extremely tender to the touch, and is very sensitive to pressure. The abscess is given to bleeding very easily and must be carefully handled.All of the following homeopathic treatments can be taken at low to medium potencies -potency (6 to 30c), about one dose every two hours, or about two times to thrice daily, the frequency of the dosage can be slowly brought down as the patient begins to improve and the symptoms begin to dissipate.Source

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