Homeaopathy Cure For Bronchitis

bronchitis2.jpgAcute bronchitis, like any upper airway inflammatory process can increase a person’s likelihood of developing pneumonia.

Anyone can get acute bronchitis, but infants, young children, and the elderly are more likely to get the disease because people in these age groups generally have weaker immune systems. Smokers and people with heart or other lung diseases are also at higher risk of developing acute bronchitis. Individuals exposed to chemical fumes or high levels of air pollution also have a greater chance of developing acute bronchitis.


Cough is the most common symptom. The cough may be either dry (without mucus) or wet (with mucus), depending on the cause and severity. Allergic cough is often dry while infective cough has a tendency to have mucus production.

The symptoms of Bronchitis may be listed as under:

Cough (with or without mucus)

FeverChest pain,Difficulty in breathing. (dyspnea)

Throat pain

Nose congestion,Body ache, joint pain, tiredness (usually due to infection.) .

Homeopathic Treatment

Take the homeopathic medicine known as Antimonium Tartaricum if you have a congested wet cough, or if you are struggling with breathing.

Take the homeopathic medicine known as Arsenicum Album for a cough with a burning sensation that feels better with warm liquids.

Take the homeopathic medicine known as Coccus Cacti for a cough with stringy mucus. It also works for coughing that often times leads to vomiting.

Take the homeopathic medicine known as Kali Bichromicum for a horse cough with yellow mucus.

Take the homeopathic remedy known as Pulsatilla for yellow or green phlegm that is dry at night and wet in the day.

Take the homeopathic remedy known as Spongia Tosta for a dry cough that is relieved by warm liquids or food.

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