Homeopathic Cure For Eczema

The term eczema is broadly applied to a range of persistent skin conditions. These include dryness and recurring skin rashes which are characterized by one or more of these symptoms: redness, skin edema (swelling), itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding. In acute stage of eczema, oedema of the epidermis and intra-epidermal vesicles form. In chronic stage there is thickening and pigmentation of skin. Following are the different types of Eczema
Atopic eczema
Allergic contact dermatitis
Irritant contact dermatitis
Infantile seborrhoeic eczema
Adult seborrhoeic eczema
Varicose eczema and discoid eczema

Eczema is considered to be hereditary. Studies reveal that a person is prone to eczema if his family has a history of closely linked conditions like hay fever and asthma. Irritants like smoke, chemicals, detergents, solvents and so on, can aggravate eczema.

To find the proper remedy a homeopath collects all the past medical history of the person, his/her family history, his/her physical and psychological characteristics etc. All this information helps the homeopath to find a remedy which not only will remove the eczema but will also remove the disposition to acquire such diseases.

Arsenicum album (Ars. alb.)
This remedy, also called Ars alb by homeopathic practitioners, is a valuable remedy in Eczema, when vesicles appear, which turn into pustules and for scabs, with copious scaling and much burning. Great Prostration, with rapid sinking of the vital forces; fainting. It is an extremely dilute form of arsenic, a metallic poison derived from the chemical element of the same name.

Its main usage is for conditions that have an impact on the skin, mucous membrane and the membrane (synovial membrane) around the joints. Bittersweet is considered by some to be a herbal remedy for treating herpes and allergies.

Very useful in Eczema, which looks very much like that of Ars., but with rough skin and oozing of a glutinous fluid.

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