Cure Tonsillitis Homeopathically

tonsillitis.jpgCoughing helps in clearing the throat, which otherwise feels infected or irritating. Cough might be dry or it can bring mucous along with it. People suffer from cough that can be acute or chronic. The most common cause for cough is flu, asthma, fever or lung infection, pollution and smoking cigarettes.Homeopathy for allergies offer natural remedies that are very effective for treating allergies and throat ailments.Tonsillitis is characterized by sore throat, (which may be experienced as referred pain to the ears), painful/difficult swallowing, coughing, headache, myalgia (muscle aches), fever and chillsCalcarea phosphoricaIn chronic enlargement of the tonsils in strumous children this remedy stands well in typical Calcarea cases. The tonsils are flabby, pale, there is a chronic follicular inflammation and impaired hearing. It efficacy in adenoid hypertrophy is well known and attested.BelladonnaThis remedy corresponds to many sore throats and is very often prescribed. Its symptoms must be carefully followed to secure the best results. It is indicated by great dryness and brightness of the throat; it has a glazed appearance, the fauces are inflamed, the tonsils are swollen and enlarged, worse on the right side; constant desire to swallow.MercuriusThis remedy is rarely of service at the onset, but later in a more advanced stage than that calling of Hepar, when pus has formed; great swelling; whole fauces deep red; the tonsils darker than any other part; ulcers form; saliva tenacious; breath foul; pains less than Belladonna, but the general health is worse. Stinging pains and difficult breathing from the swelling. Pseudo membraneous deposit on tonsils and pharynx.Calcarea iodataEnlargement of the tonsils similar to Baryta. They are hard, red and nodular.BromineRed swollen tonsils covered with a network of capillaries.

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