Cure Child Asthma Homeopathically

Child AsthmaDuring an asthmatic attack, the child may breathe rapidly, cough, wheeze, or whistle .It can be noticed as child’s nostrils flare, the skin around his ribs suck in with each breath, or his skin start to turn blue. Serious symptoms of attack need immediate medical attention. Other conditions like a viral respiratory infection can also cause wheezing or wheezing-like sounds. However, if the child coughs frequently and has allergies or eczema, and if there is a family history of asthma and allergies or eczema, there’s a good chance that your child can develop asthma. Children who were exposed just before or after birth to tobacco smoke are also more prone to asthma.

Homeopathic Approach: Some systems of medicine advocate Anti-histamines to cure the all forms of allergies. Homoeopathy believes that such drugs merely suppress or palliate the allergy and rarely cure it.
Homoeopathy is a science that does not depend only on the diagnosis of the diseases. For most of the other therapeutic sciences treatment depends only on diagnosis. In Homeopathy equal importance is given to the patient as well as his suffering. This means when other sciences aim at treating Disease in Man, Homoeopathic science at the very inception, has been devised to treat the Man in disease. In simple terms Homeopathy aims to treat the inner man that is his immune system thereby treating the root cause of his disease, which is a weak immune system. The system of homoeopathy works on the principle of taking every patient as a different entity with different medicine based on the symptoms therefore, a doctor should be consulted before taking medicines.

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