Homeopathic Medicine: Calendula

The herb derives its name Calendula from the Latin term ‘kalendae’ denoting the first day of the month, most possibly because pot marigolds blossom at the beginning of most of the months of the year. On the other hand, the common name of the herb ‘marigold’ possibly denoted the Virgin Mary or may be from its ancient Saxon name that translated to English literally connotes ‘it turns with the sun’.

In every human communication there is always this masculine and feminine polarity, of that which is spoken and that which is heard, or received. Calendula flower essence helps those whose innate creative potential to use the spoken word often deteriorates into argument and misunderstanding. It is especially indicated for personal relationship work, and for all healing and teaching work when the art of communication must be intensively developed as a soul force.

In injuries, Calendula (in external application, but also per os) promotes healthy granulation tissue and rapid healing, with favourable cicatrization and without disfiguring scars. This tendency to produce granulation has led to its use in cases of excessive ‘proud flesh’, cicatricial keloids and true keloids. This is especially true when cicatricial tissue is found on the tympanum and impedes the hearing.

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