Homeopathic Remedies For Asthenia

The subject is a timely one when the nervous systems of many executives and business men are cracking under the long continuing and constant stress of our times. Eventually this persistent load of tension would surely lead to absolute breakdown in the nervous, cardiac and renal spheres especially, unless some therapeutic agent could be applied that would stimulate the various tissues of our complex human mechanism so that they became able to withstand the constant shock of these cataclysmal forces.

Such agents are to be found among the various invaluable remedies in the homoeopathic materia medica. Naturally any sane medical or lay observer says, “But first remove the cause.” Very wise and very true we grant, but we claim that, failing to be able to do the latter because of our impotence to control the vast economic factors at work, recourse to the former method is logical, sound and beneficial. This to my mind conforms to the best noblest in homoeopathic philosophy.

Chininum arsenicosum. General weariness, exhaustion and prostration are marked. There are palpitation and attacks of suffocation. The patient craves the open air.

Cinchona officinalis. Periodic attacks of debility, apathy, despondency, palpitation with sense of rapid irregular cardiac action. This is often associated with marked intestinal distension, profuse sweats, wandering pains in the extremities, sleeplessness or unrefreshing sleep with frightful dreams.

Natrum muriaticum. Fluttering sensation in the precordium and the feeling that the heart pulsations shake the whole body. Cannot stand consolation. Goes into a rage about trifles.

Nux vomica. Frequently applicable to the quick, active, nervous business man with his preponderance of mental work and sedentary life. He reacts poorly to stimulants, sleep poorly, has much gastro-intestinal disturbance followed by vertigo, palpitation and tachycardia.

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