Homeopathic Remedies For Constipation

Causes Of Constipation :

To understand as to why constipation occurs, the functioning of colon (large intestine) needs to be understood. Major function of colon is to absorb the water back into the body while forming the waste products. It also pushes the food further into the rectum by contracting itself. Hard stool is formed when the colon (large intestine) absorbs too much of water or when the stools remain for too long in the colon causing increased loss of water from the fecal contents. Infrequent stools occur when the contractions of the colon are slow.
Although there are other medical reasons for having constipation, the prime most reason is not having a healthy lifestyle.eg. Lack of exercise, not having enough of liquids and fiber in diet. Other reasons are medications, irritable bowel syndrome, and phases of life like pregnancy, old age, travel, ignoring bowel urges, paralysis, problems in large intestines and rectum and abuse of laxatives.

Homeopathic Remedies :

Homeopathic philosophy lays great stress on leading an active and healthy lifestyle while treating such diseases. It also cautions on the use of laxatives. Homeopathy is a ?symptom based system of medicine?. This means that there is no generic drug for constipation. The prescription depends upon symptoms or the causative factors of the constipation.
Nux Vomica tops the table with its great ability to treat constipations that arise due to an unhealthy life style. It is used in cases where sedentary lifestyle, eating farinaceous food and or alcohol are the main culprits for causing constipation. Nux Vomica is of great help in curing constipation where the patient has this constant feeling of incomplete evacuation of stool.
Bryonia Alba is of great help in treating dry hard stools. Alumina treats cases where the straining is a marked symptom and even soft stools require great straining to be evacuated. Alumina works wonders for the constipation of infants and kids. Children requiring Alumina, strain hard at stool with much crying.

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