Homeopathic Remedies For STD’s Treatment

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infectious diseases that are spread through sexual contact. STDs are among the most common infectious diseases in the world today. There are more than 20 types, affecting more than 13 million men and women in the United States each year. Some of the most common STDs include chlamydia infection, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), and syphilisyphilis.


1. Itching
2. Discharge from the penis or vagina
3. Pustules (pus-containing blisters)
4. Genital sores including ulcers, blisters, rashes, and warts.
5. Abdominal pain
6. Rectal infection and inflammation of the rectum
7. Fever
8. Muscle pain
9. Painful urination
10.Painful sex


1. Some CAM therapies can be helpful for STDs — as treatment along with conventional medicines, as prevention, to improve the immune system, or to reduce certain complications, such as arthritis from gonorrhea.

2. Some CAM therapies can help treat specific STDs, including human papilloma virus and herpes viral infections. Check with your health care provider about which supplements to use for your condition, and about how herbs and supplements may interact with prescription and non-prescription drugs.

3. None of these CAM approaches offers a cure or a single treatment option. You should not use these therapies instead of seeing your doctor and getting conventional medications. Even during treatment, STDs remain highly contagious — and you must take the necessary precautions so that you don’ t transmit the STD to your sexual partner (see “Prevention” section).

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