Homeopathic Remedies for Bulimia


Carcinosin and Natrum Muriaticum

Carcinosin need to be taken by those that have bulimia nervosa as well as obsessive compulsive disorder, which plays a aspect in their problem. This homeopathic remedy functions finest for bulimics who have an irrational fear of becoming fat, which leads them to follow a quite strict diet, causing them to binge on the foods they commonly will not allow themselves to eat.

Natrum muriaticum functions effectively for those with bulimia nervosa who have a history of anorexia as nicely as bulimia. This homeopathic treatment will need to only be taken by those who have had eating disorders off an on all through their life. Those who will advantage from natrum muriaticum have a tendency to have a continual fear of rejection, which is a aspect in their consuming disorders.

Pulsatilla and Ignatia

Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy that functions well for those that have bulimia nervosa and have a fear of being abandoned by their loved ones, and have a tendency to really feel unloved. Those who will advantage from this treatment have a tendency to gain and lose weight regularly, frequently losing or gaining a lot of pounds in brief periods of time. Binging is a way for these men and women to attempt to comfort themselves, usually in response to depression or loneliness.

Ignatia works properly for those with bulimia nervosa who are deemed to be perfectionists and have a fear of becoming overweight and becoming rejected by their loved ones for the reason that of their weight. This homeopathic therapy operates greatest for those who endure from frequent fainting spells.

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