Homeopathic Remedies For Cough


Persistent Cough

From a dry, hacking cough to a croupy, profuse cough, this remedy is designed to streamline your body’s own cleansing efforts to efficiently clear your cough and congestion.

Spasmodic Cough

Violent, nauseating, gagging, voice-stealing, cough that strikes in fitful spasms, can finally relax. This cough specialist was carefully designed to target the most vexing cough with natural healing support.

Each of the three homeopathic remedies in this combination has special applications for relieving suffocating, spasmodic, fitful coughs with very stubborn expectoration.

Cough with Hoarseness

When dry cough, croupy cough, stubborn cough or sore throat threatens to steal your voice, this unique formula assists the body’s own efforts to soothe irritation and clean up congestion naturally. Even tobacco related coughs can find some relief in this supportive combination.

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