Homeopathic Remedies For Bipolar Disorder

Homeopathy offers very good treatment possibilities for depression with good results. There are large number of medicines which can be used and the selection of medicine depends not just on the symptoms but also on the cause. Depression is a manifestation of the disorder and to treat the manifestation it is necessary to find the cause. The success of treatment in such cases often depends on the ability of a homeopath to find the cause. The selection of medicine depends a lot on it. Like all psychological disorders, depressive illness also requires good case study and continuous monitoring by a competent homeopath. One should not try any form of self-medication. In qualified and experienced hands homeopathy offers good prognosis in this condition.

Some of the commonly indicated medicines are anacardium, arsenic-alb, aurum-met, ignatia, acid-phos, pulsatilla, natrum-mur, sepia, antim-crud, naja, nux-vom, stann, psorinum etc. The selection of medicine varies from case to case.

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