Causes, tips and Homeopathic Treatment For Dandruff

Excessive amounts of flaking skin on scalp, sometimes with itchiness and redness; may be a symptom of Seborroeic eczma a mild form of eczema which can also affect face and chest; more rarely, condition is a feature of Psorias involving knees and elbows as well or a sign of a fungal infection. Hair growth is not usually affected. If possible, try the homeopathic remedies and self-help measures given below before resorting to scalp preparations containing steroids. If appropriate, use remedies given for Seborroeic Seborrhoeic and Psoriasis.

Scalp dry, sensitive, and very hot, unbearably itchy at night, round bare patches of scalp show through hair Arsenicum 6c

Scalp moist, greasy, and sensitive around hair roots Sepia 6~

Dandruff thick, a lot of scratching at night. Which causes skin to burn, scalp made even drier by washing hair Sulphur 6c

Intense itching, thick leathery crusts with pus underneath and white scabs on top Mezereum 6c

Flaky scalp, hair loss Fluoric ac. 6c

Scalp moist, encrusted, and smelly, crusting worse behind ears Graphites 6c

Itching like insect bites all around hairline of forehead, moist, smelly spots behind ears, itching made worse by heat Oleander 6c

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