Homeopathic Symptoms and Treatment for Scabies

Scabies is a skin disease that is quite contagious and is usually characterized by the appearance of bumps on the kin’s surface that are quite itchy. This condition is caused by microscopic mites that usually get under the skin where they will then lay eggs and also leave feces deposited in the places that they will have stayed or passed through. This is what usually causes the bumps, as one will have an allergic reaction to the foreign material on the skin and this will mean that you will have the bumps or even blisters. The disease is able to be treated when it comes to the use of certain prescription medication, but for children and other people whose level of immunity may be low such as pregnant ladies, the use of medication may not be suitable and this is where the homeopathic remedies will come into play.

One such item that you could use is tea tree oil. This substance is said to be quite exceptional when it comes to its use in many of the remedies of the homeopathic nature, as it is an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-parasitic and an antifungal agent. You will not be ingesting this oil orally as it is quite toxic, but rather you will apply it to the skin. Still, you cannot just apply it in the undiluted form as it could burn your skin and thus you will need to mix with it with either almond oil or even olive oil. When you use this for two weeks, a period during which you will be applying the oil onto your body daily, then you will get to note that the itching will have been alleviated and the mites that will be getting into your skim will be killed. Tea tree oil could be used in combination with other substances so as to get the soothing that you need, such as by creating a paste using the turmeric and the diluted tea tree oil and applying it in the affected areas.

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