Homeopathic remedies and treatment for malaria


Once the parasites are within the bloodstream, they multiply and cause anemia, fever, chills, nausea, and in some cases, a coma. Preventative drugs can be taken constantly in high-risk areas to prevent infection. Controlling mosquitoes will help control the chances of getting malaria, but there is no vaccine that provides protection. However, some people believe homeopathy can prevent malaria.


The homeopathic remedies for malaria recommended by British homeopaths for travelers to Africa, according to an article in the Daily Mail, are malaria nosode, said to be made from African swamp water containing mosquito skin, larvae and eggs; China Off (made from Cinchona bark which contains quinine); China Sulph (made from quinine) and Natrum Muriaticum (made from salt). Homeopathic remedies are so diluted that often there is none of the original source material in the tiny pills. This is why the remedies are considered controversial. Homeopaths maintain that the efficacy of a remedy is in an energetic imprint of the original substance.

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