Homeopathic Treatment for Weight Loss

Almost one quarter of Americans are obese and other countries, as they develop, are seeing a big increase in obesity. There are very many treatments available on the market for weight loss but many are associated with side effects and toxicity problems. The one exception is homeopathy. There are around 200 homeopathic remedies for obesity and the choice of remedy is largely dependent on the unique and individual complete case history of the patient. This makes homeopathy so special. The right remedy is custom made for a particular patient. In dealing with the problem, it goes to the very root of it, is gentle on the body and takes into account the emotional and psychological aspects of a patient. Homeopathy delivers the remedy in minute but effective doses making it free from any side effects.

Scientists have put forward theories to explain how highly diluted homeopathic medicines actually produce results. Quantum physics may helop explain this in so far as electromagnetic energy contained in the remedies may influence the body on some level. Researchers in the area of physical chemistry have put forward a proposal called the ”memory of water” theory, whereby the structure of the water-alcohol solution is somehow changed by the remedy during the process of dilution and retains this structure even after none of the actual substance remains.

In terms of some of the remedies used, an example is the Phytolacca berry which may be chosen if the patient’s weight gain is as a result of a sluggish metabolism. Or alternatively Fucus Vesiculosus could be selected when the patient has thyroid problem. This remedy also helps with constipation and it is helpful in burning fat. Calcarea carbonicum may be chosen if the patient is of fair complexion and is fatty and flabby. In Homeopathy the choice of remedy relies on the complete symptom pattern of the patient.

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