Homeopathic Remedies and medicines For Cough with Hoarseness

When dry cough, croupy cough, stubborn cough or sore throat threatens to steal your voice, this unique formula assists the body’s own efforts to soothe irritation and clean up congestion naturally. Even tobacco related coughs can find some relief in this supportive combination.

All the single homeopathic remedy ingredients in this formula apply to tickling, voice-stealing coughs, but each with its own speciality.

• Aconite - Relieves dry, hoarse, tickling cough with shortness of breath that starts suddenly, is worse at night and with cold air, especially if you feel anxious or restless.

• Hepar sulph – Helps when cough is dry in the night but yellow, loose and suffocating in the morning.

• Kali bich - Applies best to cough and congestions with thick, sticky, ropey phlegm that is very difficult to raise.

• Spongia tosta - Relieves coughs that bark hollowly all day, especially if you get excited or too close to tobacco.

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