Homeopathic Treatment For Spasmodic Cough

Violent, nauseating, gagging, voice-stealing, cough that strikes in fitful spasms, can finally relax. This cough specialist was carefully designed to target the most vexing cough with natural healing support.

Each of the three homeopathic remedies in this combination has special applications for relieving suffocating, spasmodic, fitful coughs with very stubborn expectoration.

• Drosera rot - Specializes in relieving violent, deep, suffocating coughs, fitful coughs, vomiting of mucus, and hoarseness; its coughs tend to be must worse at night.

• Ipecac – Relieves incessant, wheezing, choking coughs that may trigger retching, nausea and hoarseness.

• Naphthalin (made from coal-tar) – This lesser known remedy is a specialist in stubborn, oppressive coughs that make breathing difficult.

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