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Tuberculosis Curing Using Homeopathic Remedies

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

TUBERCULOSIS AND HOMEOPATHY. My wife was attacked by pleurisy last year as she was careless in taking the proper medicine and her cough become very severe and when the mucous was tested in laboratory the result was tuberculosis positive. The government hospital gave an eight month course of medicine, but it was so dangerous for the patient that my wife’s pulse rose to 144 and her heart was nearly to bursting. She became so weak that couldn’t move to bath room without anybody’s help. She requested me to let her die peacefully rather than dying by these dangerous allopathic pills.

Homeopathic treatment. I started homeopathic treatment and first I gave her tuberulinum 200 and baccilnum 200 alternately every week. Hepar sulph 200 and bryonia 200 daily were given in the morning. Ferrum phos, mag phos and kali mur in 3x was given thrice daily combined. She recovering very effectively. And the treatment is in progress; I invite and appreciate the suggestion of all my senior homeopaths in this connection to prove that in homeopathy, is a very effective, equally in all diseases because we treat the patient not the disease.