Homeopathic Flu Related Remedies

Three products have been put together to address current flu issues: immune support, respiratory protection, and flu symptoms.
Flu Protection Kit includes generous bottles of 1) Upper Respiratory Balance, 2) Thymuline, and 3) Winter Tonic – influenzinum blend.

Flu Health Kit includes:

1) Upper Respiratory Balance is useful for respiratory symptoms. Seasonal illness carries concerns for secondary infections and affecting the respiratory system
Upper Respiratory Balance contains remedies for the throat and remedies that support lung function.
Use Upper Respiratory Balance for respiratory symptoms due to pneumonia, flu, chest cold, summer colds, coughs, asthma, allergies,
chest and lung symptoms, walking pneumonia, flu, etc. Upper Respiratory Balance is a great product for emergency preparedness when in
large groups, on planes, etc. Use whenever exposed to flu, colds, and viruses that affect the respiratory system.
Upper respiratory is a blend that include pertussis, lung, large intestine, and 3 pneumonia remedies to strengthen the
respiratory system and avoid secondary flu complications.

2) Thymuline supports the thymus gland and the immune system. Thymuline is suggested by health professionals as
beneficial for the flu and cold season. We have found that Thymuline boosts the effectiveness of other homeopathic flu products.

If you are more at risk for flu complications or work where you are exposed to illness, I highly recommend Thymuline be taken with
your Influenzinum product such as Winter Tonic. Safe for all ages. Clinical studies show reduction of mucous and bronchial problems.

3) Winter Tonic is our influenzas blend and useful anytime during flu season. Useful for low grade infections also.

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